EMV’s Impact on Tipping at Restaurants

In our previous blog about EMV, we discussed the basics of how EMV technology and security will work; however, since our previous blog was published new information has been provided about how EMV will work specifically in relation to tipping … Continue reading

PCI Compliance & Non-Compliance Fees

Have you seen PCI (Payment Card Industry) compliance and non-compliance fees on your merchant statements?  Many business owners see these fees and wonder why they are necessary in addition to their processing fees.  The purpose of PCI compliance is to … Continue reading

New Federal Law Did Not Help Small Business Owners

By: Tom Wimsett The Durbin Amendment: Two years after Implementation…..THE WINNERS AND LOSERS July 29, 2013 marks the second anniversary of the Federal Reserve’s ruling affecting the “interchange fee” essentially paid for by merchants whenever a merchant accepts a debit card as payment … Continue reading