Mobile Payments, will it take off?

Many card Issuers believe that within the next few years 25% or more of debit transactions will migrate to mobile payments (Daly, 2016). An interesting comparison was done by Karen Webster on “What Mobile Payments can learn from Debit Cards.” Debit … Continue reading

Samsung Pay

Samsung announced they were coming out with Samsung Pay on March 1st 2015 (Samsung, 2015), just two months before Google announced they were coming out with Android Pay in May 2015. This announcement came quickly after Samsung’s acquisition of LoopPay … Continue reading

Android Pay

On May 28th, 2015 Google announced that it will be coming out with an Android Pay app by the third quarter of this year. While Android has had Near Field Communication (NFC) and card emulation for years, they were unable to gain support from key players in the industry such as; issuers, networks, and merchants. Continue reading